Hello, everyone! My name is Krissy, and I am the girl behind Krissyfied Makes.

I have nurtured a little dream in my heart to start my own brand for the longest time but as you know, starting something can be a little too overwhelming. I had too many questions and didn't know how to answer them. How do I start? What do I need to do to start? What if I fail? What if I start and lose interest halfway through, like I usually do? What if no one buys from me? I let fear consume me until I froze and my dreams remained dreams. So much so that I created the Krissyfied Makes Instagram account way back 2014 but I only launched it in November 2018.

Breakthrough came in the form of wonderful, supportive women who empowered me to finally go for it. I have to credit Darlyn and the BDJ community during the Make Today Magical Belle De Jour 2019 Launch Weekend and Tippy who ultimately gave me the push I needed. THANK YOU.

Since its launch I have prepared more than 120 orders. Now I can't decide what my favorite part is: curating the collections, writing the descriptions, painting on the cards, preparing the mini note cards, or sharing your excitement when you get your orders in the mail. My heart sings whenever I receive feedback, and unlike my other hundreds of hobbies I started and neglected, I believe I am in this for the long haul. I will be able to get one of my dream machines next month, and I am so excited to make more!

Thank you for supporting small businesses. You are constant proof that dreams come true.