Krissyfied Makes is a lifestyle brand put up by Kristel Ann Cruz, a PR person/ blogger at Krissyfied/ serial hobbyist. She has always said that she is happiest when she makes, and that is where the name came from.

Her original dream is to start her own stationery brand, but as they say, sometimes on your way to a dream you find a new one. While saving up for the fancy machines she would need for a stationery business, she start with curated pieces with the backing cards featuring her original watercolor paintings.

It takes a village. Krissyfied Makes is a one-woman team wherein Krissy does all the brainstorming for new collections, curating of the pieces, the painting on the cards, the packing, and preparing for shipping, but she couldn't have started it without the encouragement of her boyfriend, her boyfriend's sister Chelsea, and her friend Tippy.

Our aim is to add a little bit more sparkle to your already fabulous lives. The possibilities are endless and we are positively giddy and excited and thrilled. Thank you very much for your support.